Relax and Breath in our Luxurious Salt Room

Experience our Luxury Salt Room, a calm and soothing atmosphere designed to cleanse and restore body and mind. Halotherapy (dry salt therapy) is an all-natural alternative improving general wellness, respiratory issues, skin conditions, detoxification, athletic performance and more. The Salt Works and Spa uses state of the art technology to diffuse pure salt into the air. While you relax and breathe, the super absorbent, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory dry salt absorbs allergens, toxins and foreign substances providing a state of relaxation, rejuvenation and healing that only dry salt therapy can bring.

Hand and Foot Dome Detox Sessions

Our Himalayan Salt Hand and Foot Detox is a unique, multi-faceted treatment option. Sit back and enjoy our dome room while you place your hands and feet on heated, smooth, and gently glowing pure Himalayan salt domes. The warm setting of the salt allows the body to detoxify by opening the pores. The domes relax the hands and feet and stimulate the entire central nervous system for repair. Feel free to sit back and close your eyes, meditate or simply relax and de-stress.

Why Dry Salt Therapy?

The benefits go beyond relaxing and breathing better for many people when using our salt room. Many feel healthier after experiencing a 45-minute halotherapy session with us.

Some of the benefits of dry salt therapy include:

  • Can Help With COPD
  • Promotes Skin Health & Lung Wellness
  • Gives off Negative Ions that Help with Relaxation
  • Can Reduce Inflammation & Break-Up Phlegm
  • Produces Super Absorbent & Anti-Microbial Slat

For more information to frequently asked questions about dry salt therapy visit our FAQ page.

Disclaimer: While there are many clinical and scientific studies conducted on dry salt therapy (halotherapy) throughout the world, the FDA has not evaluated the statements made throughout this material, content, website, etc. Dry salt therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.

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