Massage Therapy Fees

Swedish "Relaxation" Massage

  • 30 Minutes - $50
  • 60 Minutes - $90
  • 90 Minutes - $115

Relax, Renew and revive your entire body. This massage is just what you need to unwind, de-stress and treat yourself right. The kneading and long strokes used in Swedish massage increase circulation, improve skin and muscle tone, soothe tired muscles and will create a sense of well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage

  • 30 Minutes - $50 (suited for one area of concern)
  • 60 Minutes - $90
  • 90 Minutes - $115

A truly beneficial massage for the relief of pain, chronic muscle tension and relaxation. Designed to remove severe tension and release trigger points, deep tissue massage interrupts restrictive muscle patterns, and increases range of motion. This massage is most effective for those who suffer from repetitive motion issues or are physically active.

Head, Neck and Shoulder or Foot Massage

  • 30 Minutes - $50

We can offer you a special session to treat and relax the two areas you find most troublesome. Discuss these concerns with your massage therapist prior to the session, needed techniques and attention can be tailored for you.

Chair Massage

  • 20 Minutes - $20

Perfect little indulgence to enjoy while fully clothed when time is short, do it for yourself - you deserve it! A simple chair massage will boost energy, alertness and productivity as well as increase circulation, reduce muscle tension and pain, relax and rejuvenate.

Massage Therapy Add-Ons

  • Complimentary Aromatherapy
  • Hot Salt Stones - $10
  • Add a same day Halotherapy Salt Room Session to any 60 or 90 minute massage - $20
  • Add a same day Dome Detox Session (30 min) to any massage - $12