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Jen & Jim Templeton, Owners
Jen & Jim Templeton, Owners

Jen & Jim Templeton


After many years of living in Vermont and vacationing here in Maine they decided to make Maine their home in 2018. James' background is in sales and Jennifer in the dental field. Once the decision was made, it was time to brainstorm and put together a plan on what to do once they were here. They had visited a salt room and were impressed with the whole idea and benefits, especially that it was all natural, non-invasive and very basic but yet had the ability to provide real relief for so many conditions as well as the relaxation effect it provided. They began a long journey of research and working towards putting a plan into action.

While the salt room was James and Jen's main focus of their new business, they wanted to compliment what the salt room has to offer with other services of wellness and relaxation. Massage therapy, skin care and nail care are the perfect complement and addition to their endeavor and are staffed with wonderful licensed professionals to make the experience complete.

"We are incredibly excited to offer dry salt therapy to the area," said Jen. "We've had positive feedback from clients who are seeing and feeling the benefits this non-invasive therapy has on managing the symptoms of conditions such as allergies, asthma, sinusitis, and COPD. We also have clients who come in when they just want to relax and feel good, even if you don't have a respiratory or skin condition, just being surrounded and breathing in the salt produces an incredible state of relaxation. We encourage everyone to come in, see the salt room, ask questions and experience dry salt therapy."

James is very handy and spends his free time working around the house, free time for Jen is often spent tending to and building flower gardens and together with their teenage son they enjoy all that coastal Maine has to offer but now on their schedule and not a vacation schedule! Their son plays baseball for his high school team as well as other leagues so they also get to enjoy lots of games.